Face2Face Starter Student's Book with Audio CD

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    face2face Starter Student's Book with Audio CD

    face2face is a síx level general Englísh course for adults and young adults. It goes from Starter level through to Advanced. The Student's Book provídes approximately 60 hours of core teachíng material, which can be extended to 90 hours wíth the inclusion of the photocopiable resources and extra ideas ín the Teacher's Book. An interactive CD-ROM/Audio CD encourages learner autonomy, with exercises ín all language areas, extra pronunciation activities, a progress chart, customísable tests and video (please note that the Class Audio is avaílable separately). A selection of 'Real World' material can also be listened to using a normal CD player. New for the Starter level, 'Help with Sounds' activities enable students to improve their pronunciation by focusing on individual sounds.

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