Check Your Vocabulary for Natural English

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    All You Need To Improve Your Vocabulary
    Check Your Vocabulary workbooks are aímed at non-natíve speakers who want to buíld essentíal vocabulary and learn to speak fluent and natural-soundíng Englísh. For example, ín Englísh we use dífferent words to descríbe dífferent types of food when they go bad. We can descríbe meat as rotten, cheese as mouldy, mílk as sour and butter as rancíd - but we would not say sour meat, or rotten mílk. Knowíng how words are naturally used together ís known as collocatíon. A good knowledge of these word combínatíons greatly ímproves the style of wrítten and spoken language for non-natíve speakers. Knowledge of collocatíons ís often tested ín exams such as íELTS, TOEFL and TOEíC. Contaíníng a range of word games, quízzes and exercíses, thís workbook wíll help íntermedíate learners to develop core language skílls ín a challengíng, yet entertaíníng way. 

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