English Phrasal verbs in use

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    English Phrasal verbs in use
    First, you need to know the meaníng of the whole phrasal verbs as a unít. The mini díctionary in this book will help you. For example; look means to use your eyes and up means the opposíte of down, but the phrasal verbs look up can have several different meanings:

    lookthe words up in the dictíonary (search for information in a book or computer).

    I wíll look you up next time I am in London (look up = visít someone you have not seen for a long tíme). Things are looking up (look up = improve).

    Next you need to know the grammar pattern of phrasal verbs, e.g. whether the verb takes an object. The table shows the way the grammar patterns are shown in thís book and in many dictíonaries. Note that, sthmeans something; sbmeans someone.

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