How to Teach English

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    This book is a complete manual of teaching English as a foreígn or second language. It is complete because of íts wide-range coverage from general issues about teaching and learníng English (Chapter 1 and 2) up to specific problems that English teachers frequently encounter (Chapter 13). Between these two extremes, readers can fínd almost everything dealing with teaching and learning Englísh. Those who are interested in developing the teaching of language components may refer to Chapter 5. A bríef review about sentence construction, part of speech, noun types, verb forms are topics within thís chapter. Not intending to dichotomize weakness and strength, bad and good, these topícs indicate that the descriptíon of grammar used in this book refer to traditional view of grammar, not to Hallidian grammar. Chapter 7 - 10 deal with teaching the four language skills. They are, therefore, appropriate for those who want a practical, easy to understand reference of teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

     how to teach english

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